Grupo Dex
Grupo DEX

Medio ambiente y Desarrollo rural

Logo Tropa Verde

Tropa Verde: Rewarding Recycling!

Tropa Verde is a transfer network aimed at encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour that empowers citizens to reuse and recycle. Combining web platform and low cost campaigns, it is considered as a "civic movement fully committed to sustainability and circular economy". Citizens get vouchers and exchange them for rewards from the City Council and local retailers. It connects places where disposing waste (green points, civic and social centres, etc.) with local businesses providing gifts or discounts.

Logo ParkAtlantic

Park Atlantic

Secretaría técnica del Proyecto Park Atlantic del Programa de Cooperación Interreg Espacio Atlántico.

SALAR, Salmon Atlantic Rivers (Interreg IIIB Espacio Atlántico)

Secretaría Técnica conjunta del proyecto europeo, SALAR.