Grupo Dex
Grupo DEX

Educación, Formación, Cultura y Juventud

Digital Treasures

European Digital Treasures - Management of centenary Archives in the 21st Century

Over the last decades, institutions with archival holding have invested important resources to offer access to digitized items. These “digital treasures” are thus incorporated as primary sources to free access portals, but they do not have a transformation process nor generate economic returns.

Herti Data


HERIT-DATA Interreg MED project aims to reduce the impact of tourism activities on cultural heritage, by taking advantage of technology and data exploitation.

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The main objective of this Interreg Atlantic Area project is to improve cooperation between public, private and research actors to foster innovation, capacity building to upgrade innovation skills and knowledge, in this case, in the key subsector of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), and in particular its SMEs.

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Women Equal Share Presence in the Arts and Creative Industries, or Wom@rts for short, will operate from 2018-2020 across Ireland, the UK, France, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland and Lithuania. It is one of only fifteen large-scale projects to be funded in 2017 by the Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency through Creative Europe.

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