Grupo Dex
Grupo DEX

Educación, Formación, Cultura y Juventud


Through residencies, workshops, co-creation, interactive approaches and digital outputs, the possibilities for artists to assemble the more traditional arts with new technologies and digitalization processes will be explored.

The project expects to attract a new audience through both co-creations, in which new and traditional elements will be integrated, and digital processing that will enable an easier distribution of art.

In addition to the local exposure of the artistic works, Z Elements foresees to reach out to more than 200,000 young people. This will be accomplished by digital distribution through social media and other platforms.

In that framework, 4 artistic residences will take place in France, Spain, Italy and Serbia between 2020 and 2021, that will focus on the following subjects: WATER, FIRE, EARTH and AETHER.