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Kick-off meeting

Objectives and activities

The RuralFemmes project seeks the empowerment and support of women through the promotion and improvement of their training and education by creating and implementing a training and coaching programme. This programme will satisfy the educational needs of rural women that are working and rural women seeking work, and it will help them acquire key skills and knowledge.

The Training Programme seeks to fulfill two main goals:

  • Develop the women’s basic transversal skills (digital, entrepreneurial, interpersonal, etc.) and
  • Address their specific technical needs for each activity sector (such as rural companies, sustainable farming, tourism, etc.)

Each of the project partners will produce a regional report specifying the socio-economic, educational and cultural requirements of women workers in rural areas, and form regional support groups (women’s think tanks), that will allow women to provide their insights into the design of the training programme.

The kick-off meeting was held in Gijón (Spain) on September 26, 2019 and the project will run until February 2022. The Transnational composite analysis, elaborated by DEX, is finished and partners are working in the design of the Transnational Programme.  



  • A training scheme, RuralFemmes Transnational Training Programme, aimed at women workers, characterized by its transnationality, practicality and the active participation and interaction of its final beneficiaries since its inception.
  • Four regional reports on the educational, socio-economic and cultural needs and challenges of women in rural areas from the participating countries (France, Spain, Ireland and Germany). The diagnoses will be made based on 160 surveys and 4 focus groups to the final beneficiaries and the collaboration of some Rural women’s regional support think tanks, acting as regional experts.
  • A Transnational composite analysis derived from the reports made at the regional level, which will be the basis for the design and development of the training programme.
  • Training actions (at least 48 beneficiaries) in the 4 participating countries (12 per training partner) where the RuralFemmes programme will be implemented and evaluated.
  • Four Multiplier events with at least 25 participants per event.


  • Chambre Départemental d'Agriculture de Dordogne (CDA24) –  Perigueux, France
  • Desarrollo de Estrategias Exteriores SA (Grupo DEX) – Gijón, Spain.
  • Instituto Navarro de Tecnologias e Infraestructuras Agroalimentarias S.A. (INTIA) – Villava (Pamplona), Spain.
  • Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) – Cork, Ireland (The Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence and Technology Enhanced Learning Department.)
  • Universität Hohenheim – Stuttgart, Germany.

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